Sports vision therapy is a progressive program of vision exercises that enhance fundamental vision skills such as hand-eye coordination, tracking, and depth perception upon which athletic performance hinges.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination & Depth Perception

The first step for sports vision therapy is an assessment of your current visual capabilities and conduct ocular alignment and eye dominance tests to determine how well both eyes work together. Dr. Ford will use the findings of these assessments to create a personalized vision therapy program.

Sports vision therapy addresses those skills key to athletic performance such as hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, and depth perception. While it is not unusual for one eye to be slightly dominant over another, if there is a significant dominance issue it can be difficult for the eyes to work together to manage depth perception and visual coordination.

Unlike other forms of exercise, the goal of vision therapy is not to strengthen the eye muscles. Instead, under the supervision of optometric vision professionals, vision therapy can change how you process or interpret visual information. A more efficient system for visual information processing and interpretation can directly translate to improve visual efficiency, which is critical for successful athletic performance.