Over the course of these month I have definitely noticed an improvement in both my reading and school work. Reading has definitely become less painful and easier. With the improvement in my reading also came improvement in my school work as some things became less challenging and definitely less painful. Thank you for everything, you guys have really helped ease my pain.
– Alexandria

I am really happy that I have received vision therapy during my concussive diagnosis. After the accident at work, I had an increase of headaches, light sensitivity, dizziness, balance issues, and feeling “swimmy & swooshie” headed. The dizziness and blurriness to my visual field worsened, and I was very concerned when the issues did not resolve with time. After being referred to a concussion specialist, my doctor found that I had sever convergence and eye teaming issues. Working with the vision therapists as well as a balance therapist really helped me to work on getting my brain and eyes to work together effectively again. It is amazing to me the difference I feel after completing my vision therapy. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury or sever concussion, I think more doctors should learn about the positive effects and results this type of therapy can have for their patients.
– Stephanie B

We heard about Dr. Ford from Mason’s teacher. He has always struggled with attention, headaches, behavior and an overall dislike of reading. We decided after several concussions from soccer and his school struggles to get him checked. We were shocked to learn of his condition and just how severe his eye teaming, tracking and focus was. The doctor explained how this was affecting his school and soccer skills and overall life enjoyment. As a parent it is painful to see your child struggle and since vision therapy we have seen amazing changes in Mason. He can now focus, his soccer skills have elevated and he has asked to read for pleasure once again. We love the results and would recommend it for all athletes who have had concussions! We are so glad we did vision therapy!

South Tulsa Vision Development Center Patient Featured in COVD Press Release

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Before therapy, reading was the worst thing I could think of doing because of my concussion. After therapy and the help of reading glasses, reading and focusing is so much easier and I don’t even give it a second thought. Words don’t blur, copying things form the board is no problem, and headaches have improved for sure! Very thankful for everything vision therapy has helped!