One of the scariest and most uncomfortable situations individuals can experience is having to deal with new medical problems. No matter if it is a minor issue or a major problem, undergoing new medical treatments for the first time can put anyone in an uneasy state of mind. However, we are proud to state with confidence that Vision Therapy is one of the best routes for an individual to take when improving vision capabilities.

At South Tulsa Vision Development Center, we are extremely humble and proud to serve the local community with our vision therapy services. Vision therapy is one of the most progressive and safe non-surgical procedures for a patient’s eyes available today. Our team strives to make sure that we maintain our high standards, favorable reputation, and affordable services to our patients. Our team is comprised of the most welcoming and professional members and believes in taking care of patients as though they are part of our own family.

Dealing with vision problems such as double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eyes, convergence insufficiency, and even reading/learning disabilities can cause a huge stress in someone’s life. We want to make sure that you are given the proper tools to optimize your vision.

We understand that vision is one of the most important elements to an individual’s life. Keeping that in mind, we always strive to provide affordable vision therapy services to all of our patients. We highly recommend that those inquiring about vision therapy take the next step: schedule a consultation meeting. During the consultation, we will go over all of the details regarding the best course of action for your needs, in addition to the prices of our services.

Are you prepared to begin the recovery process by utilizing our vision therapy procedures? Feel free to contact our team via phone during our business hours at (918) 949-4002. You can also reach out to our team via e-mail for any other inquires.