Materials needed-
• Brock string
• Magnetic piece can be attached to fridge or other magnetic object.
• Possibly red green glasses

1. The string should be tight and you should be holding it barely touching your

2. You will be told what distances the beads need to be from your nose.
o The distances will be 1’-2’-3’ / 2’-4’-6’ / 6”-12”-18”/ etc.

3. You will look at the closest bead, try and make the bead one and clear, with
the strings making an “X”.
o If it is difficult you can touch the bottom of the bead.
o Can also try and aim your eyes in front of the bead.

4. Next you can switch focusing your eyes at different beads.

5. You should be making the different beads one and clear with the string
making an X.
o Do this as many times as directed.