Tripp has improved so much with his sports, wrestling and baseball. He has contacts now and he’s excited that everything wouldn’t be blurry when he wrestling now. Tripp has started baseball and is hitting and catching the ball so much better and with confidence. Tripp has learned during his vision therapy to recognize when his eye is turning and how to fix it. So now he feels like he is in control of his eyes. A big “thank you” to Dr Ford for introducing Tripp to contacts he loves them!

Vision therapy has been positive in Sawyer’s life – from improving her depth perception, to helping improve her handwriting skills, we are very pleased with the outcome (correction of esotropia). – Sawyer’s Mom

Sydney was diagnosed with intermittent esotropia at 22 months old and began wearing glasses. The glasses helped her vision but her eye turn continued and we were told by two different doctors over the years that our only option was surgery. We decided to look into vision therapy when Sydney turned 5. We found South Tulsa Vision Development Center online and went in for our consultation. Our consultation was amazing! Dr. Ford spoke to us about Sydney’s condition, breaking it down in terms we could understand. We felt comfortable with her and that we were on a team working to help our daughter. She did not have that “talk at you” approach that we had encountered with the other doctors up until this point. We began Vision Therapy the very next week.”

When we started VT, Sydney could not see in 3D, she had very little depth perception, and her right eye was shutting down completely when she would try to focus on something. She detested school work, could not read very well, and had a hard time sitting still and paying attention. After vision therapy, Sydney is seeing in 3D! Her eye is now straight 95% of the time and if it goes in she pops it right back into place. Her results have been phenomenal! She now wears contacts for her vision and this has helped her tremendously in sports. Our daughter loves gymnastics and soccer and when we stared VT she could not see the end of the balance beam. Now she can see the beam! She is a totally different child when it comes to school work post therapy. She now loves reading! Her handwriting skills have greatly improved and she is now able to sit still and complete her work. Vision therapy has completely changed her life for the better. Dr. Ford and her staff are amazing and Sydney looked forward to seeing her therapist each week. Although Sydney is officially done with Vision Therapy, we will continue to see Dr. Ford for yearly exams because we trust her completely with Sydney’s eye care. We highly recommend South Tulsa Vision Development Center!” – Sydney’s Mom

When Isabelle was 2 years old, she loved to read books. She constantly had a book in her lap and loved looking at the pictures and turning the pages. When I sat across from her, instead of having her on my lap, I noticed that her left eye would “float” outwards while she was looking at her books. We went to multiple specialist vision doctors in the next few years. They tried glasses, patching, and eventually wanted to do cosmetic surgery on my 4 year old. This was a surgery that wouldn’t correct the problem, but rather it would hide the appearance that anything was wrong. This surgery may have to be repeated many times throughout her life to make her “look” good, but wasn’t solving any problems with her vision. ”

“During this time, Isabelle had also stopped “reading” books and we could tell she was having trouble focusing on the pages up close. Her eyes where seeing two different areas of the pages, so she wasn’t getting a clear picture. My little girl, who loved books, didn’t want to look at them anymore.”

“We had heard of vision therapy, but none of the doctors we talked to ever mentioned it as an option. After a brief web search, we found Dr. Ford at South Tulsa Vision Development Center. Dr. Ford saw what I saw the first time she looked at Isabelle and took the time to explain what was happening to Isabelle’s eye and brain and how a disconnect just needed to be reconnected. ”

“STVDC gave us the tools and motivation to work with Isabelle on a daily basis to improve, not only her eye site, but her vision. With weekly appointments and daily homework, Isabelle can now control both of her eyes and focus on objects that are up close and far away, which will be very beneficial as she goes into first grade next year and has to copy notes off of the board at the front of the room. Now Isabelle loves to read to her little brother and sister and is a star student in the classroom. We are so thankful for vision therapy and the difference it has made in our little girl.”