One of the most prevalent side effect of concussions involve vision problems. No matter your age, vision issues due to concussions can be a major obstacle that has serious effects on your daily life.

There are several types of concussion related vision problems. You may have trouble with focusing, which means that objects may be blurry and you have trouble shifting focus between objects of different distances. You might also have trouble with eye teaming, which is the ability to fixate on the same object with both eyes. You may also have trouble with tracking moving objects.

As you can tell, concussions can result in major impairments to your vision. It is extremely important to seek medical attention immediately after suffering a concussion.

Luckily, we offer vision therapy to help the people of Tulsa recover from their concussions. Because every concussion is unique, we will develop a treatment plan that is individualized to you and your symptoms. The length of the treatment can vary depending on a number of factors.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about concussions and vision therapy, contact South Tulsa Vision Development Center today. We would be happy to speak with you and give you more information!