No Patch
Materials needed-

• Aperture Rule
• Aperture Rule slider(s)
• Aperture Rule cards

• Start with placing the tip of your nose at the end of the ApertureRule.
o Card slider will always stay at position 0.
o Double/Single slider will move as card prompts

• Turn cards until reaching the 1st double image.
o Try to make the image single and clear through the double/single slider

• Double slider-relaxed eyes, aim eyes behind cards.
• Single slider-tight eyes, aim eyes before cards.

Answers Below Video

Answer Sheet for Aperture Rule
Converging (tight eyes) Diverging (relaxed eyes)
1. Yellow-closest 1. Green-Closest
2. Yellow 2. Blue
3. Orange 3. Green
4. Purple 4. Green
5. Blue 5. Yellow
6. Red 6. Yellow
7. Grey 7. Green
8. Orange
9. Grey
11. Blue

Black and white cards
-When converging the small is always closest
-When diverging the big is always closest