Dr Ford and her staff were extremely professional and took a great deal of time to make this experience a fantastic one. My vision had great improvement and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve seen.

I am really happy that I have received vision therapy during my concussive diagnosis. After the accident at work, I had an increase of headaches, light sensitivity, dizziness, balance issues, and feeling “swimmy & swooshie” headed. The dizziness and blurriness to my visual field worsened, and I was very concerned when the issues did not resolve with time. After being referred to a concussion specialist, my doctor found that I had sever convergence and eye teaming issues. Working with the vision therapists as well as a balance therapist really helped me to work on getting my brain and eyes to work together effectively again. It is amazing to me the difference I feel after completing my vision therapy. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury or sever concussion, I think more doctors should learn about the positive effects and results this type of therapy can have for their patients.
– Stephanie B

Vision therapy gave me my confidence back to know I could get through each day. Staff here is amazing! They really want the best for you and push you at the same time. I still have days where my vision feels “off” but I just try and rest and know it will come back very soon. When I first started I could not work at computer or look at phone for long periods. I now can do many long tasks at the computer, ride in a boat, sleep with just one pillow, and felt confident enough to take a middle school teaching job. I will recommend any kids I see having issues for sure. (Adults too)
– J Thanks so much!

Eye Therapy was a great experience. The employees were caring and joined together to accomplish the end result which was helping my eye sight. I can now see a lot better and most of the double vision is gone. If you need eye therapy this is the place to go.

– John

Vision therapy has helped my productivity, as I no longer have to worry about headaches from reading or computer work. It’s also made things more convenient because I can check my phone without looking for my glasses. I look forward to seeing how this therapy will help in the long term.

– Jacob F