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Your Vision Therapy Resource in Tulsa, OK

Welcome to South Tulsa Vision Development Center! Dr. Ford and our team strive to offer the best in vision therapy services for all ages! At STVDC we commit ourselves to serving those facing the unique challenges of living with visual problems that cannot be treated with corrective lenses alone.

At South Tulsa Vision Development Center “vision is more than meets the eye”!

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a series of prescribed exercises done in the office for visual problems that cannot be helped with glasses or contact lenses alone. Vision therapy is similar to physical therapy for the eyes where vision disorders are systematically corrected to improve patients' visual function and performance. Our therapy strengthens the connection between the eyes and the brain, creating lifelong changes. Optometric vision therapy goes beyond the scope of corrective lenses to address the binocular visual system to help the eyes to function properly so that the movements of each eye are coordinated together to foster single, clear, comfortable vision.

For more information on the types of visual problems that can be treated through vision therapy see our services tab.

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